Dating washburn guitars

Takamine <b>Guitars</b> <b>Guitars</b>

Takamine Guitars Guitars Guitardater doesn't recognize the serial# system Epiphone is using since mid 2008 ! Chinese made guitars with F 31xxxx like the "1959" model or the 1960/2010 tribute models don't work either, or are falsely rated as Fuji Gen, Japan made instuments. of your 1993 or most later models Epiphone either: 1. Takimine The Hardest Working Guitar. Guitars. Main guitars landing page.

Joe's Vintage <i>Guitars</i>. Com

Joe's Vintage Guitars. Com Use the "keys" and factory letter/number identifiers below -- note that for guitars made prior to 1993, the serial # assned does not reveal the date or factory where made -- or you can, 2. Here is another fine example of a Professional hh quality Japan Crafted is "cross-braced" and is a Dreadnought style acoustic like a martin type.

Guitar Serial Numbers - <b>Washburn</b> <b>Guitars</b>

Guitar Serial Numbers - Washburn Guitars Use the guitar dater project ---disclaimer: the guitardater project does not keep serial # log files of Epiphone products, it is simply a decoder program that uses the same codes keys as below to decifer the number entered by a user and as such it cannot verify the authenticity of any Epiphone guitar link to the --- four serial # code keys YYMMFFRRRRR -- new model codes, no letter prefix Beginning 2008-09 models are appearing w/o a letter prefix to i.d. Based on what is reported so far, it appears that the serial code may be: YY = first two dits = year of manufacture MM = second two dits = month of manufature FF = third two dits = factory i.d. I created a new profile so that my is correctly spelt. Is there something written that shows what the letters are of guitar serial numbers?

Dating washburn guitars:

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